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Car makers are enhancing exhaust roar through the car stereo speakers?

I love the rumble and roar of sports cars with high performance exhausts and over the years have spent time and money trying to get my cars or trucks to sound faster or meaner. I even spent some time watching youtube videos to try to determine if a Flowmaster 44 muffler would make my 2004 Monte Carlo sound better. Flowmaster, Borla, Magnaflow, Walker, Stillen and other performance exhaust companies have a new competitor: digital audio that syncs with your car engine computer to make the **fake** exhaust sounds follow your engine rpm and gear shifting.

I thought I needed a Challenger and what the Bible says about cars

2004 Monte Carlo or 2010 Dodge Challenger

This is a post about my cars followed by what the Bible says about cars (LOL!)

For years I have thought about driving a Dodge Challenger as my 2004 Monte Carlo is about to hit 170k soon. So I took some time to test drive a 2010 Dodge Challenger SE and what a disappointment that was – all show and no go.