Enduring “Six Months” of Winter and Snow in Minnesota has led me to look for new ways to enjoy the snow. I find snow pictures refreshing and really fun to look at when it is 100 degrees with 100 percent humidity on a hot August day and sometimes I find them helpful when I am experiencing snow and ice driving during the frozen seasons of my life.

Snow Cars on PinterestI have collected over 200 pictures of snow vehicles on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/cteien/winter-hot-rods-cars-machines-in-snow/

A few of my favorite snow videos are of the GMC truck with drive on track skis – let me know when those go on sale at Mills Fleet Farm!

And the Nissan GTR setup for racing up the mountain is definitely something I need – I love the sound of that car in this high quality video:

And while I am not hoping to crash in the snow or on the ice the two winter crash compilations posted on you tube are interesting (I’m sure I am not allowed to use the word “entertaining” in reference to watching cars crash so I have to say “interesting.”)  Let’s say they are provided for educational value to help us see how quickly others can slide toward us so that we may better take action to get out of their way.

Twin Dodge Rams

My father in law bought the Dodge Ram on the left brand new and my brother in law acquired it. I received the Dodge Ram on the right years ago as a donation to River Rock Church years ago after praying for a truck. They are good four wheel drive trucks for snow in Minnesota. Here we had both come with the trucks to help my mother-in-law move out of a rural area into her new apartment.