My Videos

As a pastor of a church with no additional paid staff and a very limited budget I have still managed to post a lot of media. Some if it is better quality than others and this last Covid year everything has been recorded using my cell phone in my basement. I have even tried my best with using chroma key (green screen) background replacements. Just about everything has been posted through the church I started and have been serving for almost 20 years I have always wondered how much everything I have produced could improve if I more time, additional staff and better equipment. On the other hand I have been very consistent to produce helpful and encouraging content every week. We get more views on Facebook than YouTube.

Chris Teien YouTube Sermon Video Playlist

If you liked a message on Sunday you can easily share it with others. If you miss a Sunday you can listen to the sermon audio portion of our Sunday morning worship service (the live service is always better and we edit out some of the Sunday morning church worship experience before we post the audio online). You can also watch some of the most recent messages on video.

You can easily access and subscribe to our sermon podcasts from our RiverRock.Buzzsprout page or with the following services.