About Me

I started this personal blog resource site to help connect with others more effectively and to make it easier for people to find the info I share with them. This site is a place to share some of my personal opinions and life experiences. So far some of those life experiences include being married for 34 years, serving in full-time ministry for 26 years, being a parent/grandparent, adopting a child, sharing our lives with dogs, and working in Sales and Marketing for a well known corporation.

My life purpose is to help people live W.E.L.L. Christian lives (Worshiping, Encouraging, Learning and Loving) and to share what I have discovered that others may find helpful.

I grew up going to Baptist Churches and my wife and I were volunteers and eventually on staff at Converge churches. I have been serving in full time ministry since 1996. In October 2001 we left the Iron Range to plant a new church in Belle Plaine, Minnesota and was ordained in 2008 as a Reverend with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. In October 2021 we returned to the Iron Range to pastor Emmanuel Baptist Church in Virginia, MInnesota.

I received much of my ministry training from Moody Bible Institute, at Crown College (Minnesota) and some Grad School. I think I have learned much more “on the job” than is taught in a classroom setting. I am a lifelong learner that reads, watches and listens to many ministry training resources every month.

I am always on the lookout for tools, tips and technology to grow personally. I am a Christ-follower, husband, friend, fan, father, grandfather, pastor, motor-head, cyclist and Minnesotan (let me know what other labels I should add – be kind).

Some of what you will find here is my own material, much of what you will see are resources I like from others, and those in ministry might even find a few tools to help them be more effective. I am trying to find time to post the solutions I found to problems I was having and links to resources that helped me fix it, find it or favor it.

Disclaimer: Just because I post a resource, song, link or video doesn’t mean I agree with everything that person, group or organization stands for. Most likely you will not love every author, book, speaker, preacher, movie, comedy video or song lyric I share. Just because I share a resource doesn’t mean I am fully endorsing everything that person/group/ministry stands for so let’s share some grace with one another and maybe have some fun.