About Me

I started this personal blog resource site to help connect with others more effectively and to make it easier for people to find the info I share with them. This site is a place to share some of my personal opinions and life experiences. So far some of those life experiences include being married for 34 years, serving in full-time ministry for 26 years, being a parent/grandparent, adopting a child, sharing our lives with dogs, and working in Sales and Marketing for a well known corporation.

My life purpose is to help people live W.E.L.L. Christian lives (Worshiping, Encouraging, Learning and Loving) and to share what I have discovered that others may find helpful.

I grew up going to Baptist Churches and my wife and I were volunteers and eventually on staff at Converge churches. I have been serving in full time ministry since 1996. In October 2001 we left the Iron Range to plant a new church in Belle Plaine, Minnesota and was ordained in 2008 as a Reverend with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. In October 2021 we returned to the Iron Range to pastor Emmanuel Baptist Church in Virginia, Minnesota. In April 2022 the church decided to change their name and domain name to Rockwell.Church

I received much of my ministry training from Moody Bible Institute, at Crown College (Minnesota) and some Grad School. I think I have learned much more “on the job” than is taught in a classroom setting. I am a lifelong learner that reads, watches and listens to many ministry training resources every month. And I get together with other area pastors for encouragement and to discuss how we can improve our faith lives and ministry skills.

I am always on the lookout for tools, tips and technology to grow personally. I am a Christ-follower, husband, friend, fan, father, grandfather, pastor, motor-head, cyclist and Minnesotan (let me know what other labels I should add – be kind).

Some of what you will find here is my own material, much of what you will see are resources I like from others, and those in ministry might even find a few tools to help them be more effective. I am trying to find time to post the solutions I found to problems I was having and links to resources that helped me fix it, find it or favor it.

Disclaimer: Just because I post a resource, song, link or video doesn’t mean I agree with everything that person, group or organization stands for. Most likely you will not love every author, book, speaker, preacher, movie, comedy video or song lyric I share. Just because I share a resource doesn’t mean I am fully endorsing everything that person/group/ministry stands for so let’s share some grace with one another and maybe have some fun.