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Chris Teien Ponders
Chris Teien Pondering

I decided to make this personal blog resource site to help connect with others more effectively and to make it easier for people to find the info I suggest to them.

My life purpose is to help people live W.E.L.L. Christian lives (Worshiping, Encouraging, Learning and Loving) and to share what I have discovered that others may find helpful.

I had posted some of these articles on the website where I serve as the lead pastor but now plan to use this new website to share more of my personal opinions and life experiences. So far some of those life experiences include being married for 33 years, serving in full-time ministry for 24 years, and working in Sales and Marketing for a well known corporation. God used us to plant River Rock Church in Belle Plaine, Minnesota where I have been serving since October 2001.

I am ordained minister with the Christian and Missionary Alliance and have been serving in full time ministry since 1996. I received much of my ministry training from Moody Bible Institute and at Crown College/Grad School. I think I have learned much more “on the job” than they could have taught in a classroom setting.

I am always on the lookout for tools, tips and technology to grow personally. I am a Christ-follower, husband, friend, fan, father, grandfather, pastor, motor-head, and Minnesotan (let me know what other labels I should add – be kind).

Some of what you will find here is my own material, much of what you will see are resources I like from others, and those in ministry might even find a few tools to help them be more effective.

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