Thankful for Great Beginnings in Pastoral Ministry

I’ve been serving in different ministries for 26 years and there are other great men and women of God that invested in me but this picture from First Baptist in Forest City, Iowa reminded me of those delightful days in youth and family ministry in a healthy, fast growing church. I was cleaning out some files and found this newspaper clipping from my first full time ministry opportunity (1996). So thankful to Pastors George Kalb and John Fuller (now pastor of for giving me the opportunity and teaching me so much.

I am also thankful for Pastor Joel Johnson at Westwood Church for giving me many volunteer ministry opportunities and strongly encouraging me to take a risk and plant River Rock Church. For Pastor John Herring at Cross of Glory Baptist Church for being a mentor and encouraging me to serve in youth ministry. For Pastor Peter West at First Baptist Church of Minneapolis for “prophetically” speaking into my life with words of wisdom that would help guide decisions and overcome obstacles. For Pastor Dan Erickson who called me to serve with him at Chisholm Baptist and told me to “do whatever I feel God calls me to do and if it works run with it and if it doesn’t try something else.”

I have been blessed to have learn and serve with these men of God.