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Many people would rather listen that watch a YouTube video so we take the sermon portion of our Sunday worship service and upload it weekly to 20 different podcast outlets.

Here is a list of my past audio sermons from 2019-2021 linked to their home on the River Rock Church site. I have found people want to know if I am a topical or expository preacher and I am both as you can see from my preaching calendar for the last three years. Starting in April 2020 my messages were pre-recordings for the church at home crowd on Youtube and the Audio sites (live is always better). Most of the sermons before that time were only-audio-recorded and published as a podcast.

07/25/21A WELL Life is full of Faith, Friends and Farewells (2 Cor 13:11)
07/18/21Five Keys to Getting your Needs Met (Phil 4:13-23)
07/11/21Seven Things You Can Do When Life Still Seems Overwhelming (Phil 4:10-13)
07/04/21Experiencing True Freedom in Christ (Gal 5:1)
06/27/21Help to Overcome Anxiety (Phil 3:15-4:9)
06/13/21Loved, Chosen and Called to Belong to Jesus (Rom 1:1-7)
06/06/21Trusting God on the Adventure of Life
05/30/21Onward Christian Soldier
05/23/21Experiencing the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit in Your Life
05/16/217 Secrets of the Vine – Success comes through Jesus (Jn 15)
05/09/21A Time for Everything
05/02/21Lord Have Mercy – How God Reveals His Love for Us
04/25/21God Created us to Do Good
04/11/21Why Don’t You Live So God Can Use You?
04/04/21Jesus Resurrection Upheld
04/02/21His Loving Sacrifice (Good Friday)
03/28/21Regrets Undone?
03/21/21Run Your Race Unhindered
03/14/21Authentic Discipling – A simple way to get started (Mat 28:19)
03/07/21God is watching for your Authentic Worship (Jn 4:23)
02/28/21The Incredible Value of the Local Authentic Church
02/21/21Stories and Scripture to Show How Revenge may not bring Satisfaction (1 Cor 13:5-6)
02/14/21Four Things Christian Love Always Does (1 Cor 13:7)
02/07/21Pride trips you up Humility leads you to Success (1 Cor 13:4-5)
01/31/21Overcoming Boredom, Anger & Misjudgement to Keep Love from going Bad (1 Cor 13:4-6)
01/17/21Even when Life is Terrible, True Love is Patient and Kind (1 Cor 13:1-4)
01/10/21Faith + Hope + Love > Politics (1 Cor 13:1-3)
01/03/21A New Year for a New You (Lam 3:21-24)
12/27/20Hope for a New Year
12/24/20The Everlasting Meaning of Christmas – Christmas Eve
12/20/20The Holy Spirit of Christmas
12/13/20Find Joy When You Make Time for Jesus this CHRISTmas Season
11/29/20When God’s Plans Leave You Speechless
11/22/20Six Ways to Give Thanks even when Covid hinders your plans (Ps 116)
11/15/20Victory over Discouragement
11/08/20Victory over Failure
11/01/20Victory Over Temptation
10/25/20Victory Over Fear
10/11/20Victory over Anger
10/04/20Victory over Guilt
09/27/20Victory over Worry
09/20/20Victory over Stress and Burnout
09/06/20Victory through Problems and Struggles
08/30/20How to be a Happy, Helpful and Holy Christian (1 Thess 5:12-28)
08/23/20How to Live while Waiting for Christ to Return (1 Thess 5:1-11)
08/16/20Preparing for Jesus to Come Back and Get His Church (1 Thess 4:13-18)
08/09/20The Christians Confident Hope when Facing Death or Experiencing Grief (1 Thess 4:13-15)
07/26/203 Ways that God can Bring You Peace in Confusing Times (1 Thess 4:1-12)
07/19/207 Ways to More Effectively Pray for Others (1 Thess 3:9-13)
07/12/20How God’s People Inspire One Another (1 Thess 3:1-8)
07/05/20How God’s People Overcome Opposition (1 Thess 2:13-20)
06/28/20How Gods People Endure Faithfully (1 Thess 2:1-12)
06/14/20How to Grow Strong in the Christian Life even when Life is Painful (1 Thess 1:5-10)
06/07/20Three Ways God’s People can be Encouraging (1 Thess 1:1-4)
05/31/20God’s People Live in Unity
05/24/20The CLUE to hearing Jesus tell you Well Done!
05/17/20Playing a New Game: What to do when Life Keeps Changing
05/10/20Our Need to Find, Live and Share Hope
05/03/20Sowing a Life of Significance
04/26/20When the Lord is my Shepherd I find Peace, Rest, Strength and Direction
04/19/20When the Lord is my Shepherd I am Protected and Provided for
04/12/20Find Help and Hope when you Worship Jesus Christ
04/05/20Living a Life of Worship of the God Who Saves
03/29/20Even Faith Heroes had to Wait Patiently
03/22/207 Ways to Find Peace in a Pandemic
03/08/20I Still Believe – When God allows me to go through Difficult Times
03/01/20I Still Believe: When God Doesn’t Seem to Answer my Prayer
02/23/20Learning to Let Go so that we can Receive Gods Best
02/16/20Misplaced Affections – the Danger of Falling in Love with the Wrong Things
02/09/20One True Source of Life (Prof Dean Erickson)
02/02/20Pressing on to Win the Prize (Phil 3.10-14)
01/26/20The Church Jesus Builds
01/19/20Afterlife: Where will you be One Minute After You Die?
01/12/20Afterlife: What Jesus Revealed about Heaven and Hell
01/05/20Those Who Almost Committed Suicide; How Life Changed because they Kept Living (Acts 16:31)
12/29/19Seven Re-Commitments for a Blessed New Year (2 Cor 5:17)
12/15/19Jesus, The Blessing of God With Us
12/08/19Jesus, the Birthday made for Celebrating
12/01/19Jesus, The Treasure of Christmas
11/24/19Thankful, Grateful and Blessed
11/17/19When God calls you to Rescue them (Jude 23)
11/03/19Maturing into Child Like Faith
10/27/19The Best is Yet to Come when Jesus Returns!
10/20/19Rewards for Serving Jesus
10/13/19Conquering Depression
10/06/19Dealing with Life’s Disappointments
09/29/19When You Need Jesus to Heal You
09/15/19Knowing you are Secure in Jesus our Savior
09/08/19When Jesus called 911
09/01/19God Rewards Good Work
08/25/19Improve Your Prayer Life and Experience God (James 5:13-20)
08/18/19Patiently waiting for Jesus to Return? (James 5:7-12)
08/11/19When Your Money is Not Enough (James 5:1-6)
08/04/19Count on Life’s Unpredictable Timing (James 4:11-17)
07/28/19Help for Inner Conflicts and Angry Outbursts (James 4:1-10)
07/14/19Wisdom Don’t Live Life Without It (James 3:13-18)
07/07/19Control Your Tongue Before it Ruins Your Life (James 3:1-12)
06/30/19Real Faith Works – Put your Faith in Action (James 2:14-26)
06/23/19The Short-Sightedness of Prejudice and Favoritism (James 2:1-13)
06/16/19Valuing and Encouraging Christian Fathers
06/02/19Saved from an Empty Life (1 Peter 1:18-19)
05/26/19God uses imPerfect Heroes (John15:13)
05/19/19Valuing Biblical Marriage and Singleness (Matthew 7:24-27)
05/12/19Valuing and Encouraging Christian Mothers
05/05/19Time is Running Out – Salvation is Near
04/21/19Following Jesus for the Greatest Future
04/14/19With Jesus in Paradise
03/31/19Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak and Slow to Become Angry?
03/24/19Don’t Let Temptation get the Best of You
03/17/19Turn your Troubles into Joy!
03/03/19God Still Allows U-Turns
02/24/19How a Mustard Seed Faith can Change the World
02/17/19Learning to Love Like Jesus
02/10/19Love more than Words
01/27/19The Incredible Value of the Local Church
01/20/19Equipped to Share the Life Changing Gospel out of the Overflow
01/13/19Empowered by the Living and Active Word of God
01/06/19Following Jesus Boldly

Note about the Covid era videos: We had always recorded our church audio sermons and posted them online but we never felt we needed to offer video until Covid forced us to in 2019. Most of those videos were pre-recordings for our church at home crowd. They were recorded in a small room in my basement, all alone in front of a green screen using a cell phone video camera, so the video quality is not the best. We had way more “click through viewers” on Facebook than YouTube or Vimeo. We received a lot of positive feedback and were blessed by some unexpected financial contributions from people who said they found watching our videos encouraging and helpful.