A Bulldog and His Wife Plant a Church

I met the couple in this article (I'm standing in between them in this picture) when I was on a missions trip to Chile in 2014 without realizing at the time how amazing, faithful and courageous they are. Read this update about their recent church planting adventures in Mexico that was recently printed in Alliance... Continue Reading →

The World If There Were Only 100 People

Our population recently reached the 7 billion milestone; you are one in 7 billion. That is a lot of people and it’s hard to see the significance of the individual with such a large number. So what if we scaled down that huge population to just 100 individuals to see what makes up the world:... Continue Reading →

Missionaries are like Superheroes

When I was working upstairs at the new House of Hope building for Vision For Children - Chile I heard someone downstairs speaking English at a fast rate (just the way I like it) and I soon realized this same man could speak Chilean Spanish at a fast rate too. Chileans are known for speaking... Continue Reading →

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