Missionaries are like Superheroes

When I was working upstairs at the new House of Hope building for Vision For Children – Chile I heard someone downstairs speaking English at a fast rate (just the way I like it) and I soon realized this same man could speak Chilean Spanish at a fast rate too. Chileans are known for speaking very fast – some Spanish speaking people from other parts of the world say they can’t understand Chilean Spanish yet Bob (with SuperHero ability) is able to speak and understand people in Chile (the country in South America). Here is a  picture of me with Bob and Cheryl before lunch at the House of Hope.

Chris Teien with the Fugates in Chile Alliance Missionaries
Chris Teien with the Fugates in Chile Alliance Missionaries

Bob and Cheryl are Christian and Missionary Alliance Missionaries who serve in Chile and Mexico. Their love for the people they serve and their ability to understand the language and culture where they are serving make them superheroes of the faith in my eyes.

Bob and Cheryl Fugate are ministering to the professional class of Santiago Chile and they are Pastoring a Church Plant Chicureo. They also minister to the Alliance Girls Home with 77 girls age 3-18 yrs. old and to House of Hope. We minister to families through the outreach of Marriage Encounter and to women through Women’s Encounters.

Keep up with the Fugates at http://www.cmalliance.org/worker/fugate-robert-cheryls