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Best Bible Study App Deal of the New Year

My favorite free Bible app is YouVersion. My favorite Bible Study PC Program is Wordsearch but their Android/iOS apps are lame. If you have a lot of money to spend Logos Bible Software and their apps are good but their books are high priced. I also have study Bibles I bought for Kindle & Google Play Books. But the lowest priced, highest quality iOS, Android and web Bible I use with a lot of great features is from

They just released Tecarta Bible Premium and for $5mo/$40 year you get access to a huge collection of Bible translations, Study Bibles and commentaries. Click Here

Many People aren’t reading – Give them a readable Bible

Reading and Understanding Gods WordThis shocking info graphic states what appear to be obvious: there are a lot of people that won’t read. They are spoon fed information on the TV and watch plots unfold at the movies. They watch life revealed on youtube videos and prefer to get their news by short articles and Tweets with 140 maximum characters.