Favorite Song this week: “Walk It Out Together” (Terrian w/Lyrics)


Song : Terrian – Walk It Out Together
Lyrics : Check Out AZLyrics…

Why, why pull away
When we all need the same things
Say, what you gotta say
I’m hear to listen
I won’t go away

Nobody wants to walk this road alone
It’s hard enough, I know you feel it
You don’t have to do this on your own
I’ll carry you we all need healing
Tell me your story
I’ll tell you mine
Take me right back
To your starting line
Lay down your troubles
What’s yours is mine
We’re gonna walk it out together

(Never gonna)
Give up on you
(Never gonna)
We’ll see this through
(Never gonna)
I’m with you
We’ll walk it out together….

Every week I seem to find a song that brings me encouragement and inspires me to live for and serve Jesus. This was my song for the week