Influenced by Preachers, Podcasts and Videos

As I have been interviewing for a new pastor position I find “Who are you following?” or “Who influences you?” or “Who are some of you favorite authors?” is a common question. I looked through my podcast and YouTube subscription lists and here is what I saw.

Disclaimer: Just because they are on this list doesn’t mean I agree with everything they post/say/teach/support/promote/do

Recently Allen Parr posted a Youtube video about “My TOP 5 Favorite Preachers of ALL-TIME!” the list of his favorite preachers who have impacted his life and his preaching. Here is my list.

Preachers who Influenced Me

  1. Chuck Swindoll
  2. Greg Laurie
  3. Billy Graham
  4. AW Tozer
  5. R.A Torrey
  6. Chip Ingram
  7. Skip Heitzig
  8. Bill Giovannetti (excellent books on Grace)

Favorite Theology Authors

  1. Millard Erickson
  2. Charles Ryrie
  3. Wayne Grudem

Podcasts I am following

  1. The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast
  2. The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast
  3. Thom Rainer on Leadership
  4. Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast
  5. ChurchPulse Weekly
  6. 200 Churches Podcast (Early episodes the best)
  7. Greg Laurie Podcast
  8. FamilyLife Today
  9. Ask Pastor John (Piper) Desiring God
  10. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

YouTube Channels I Subscribe to

  1. The Beat by Allen Parr
  2. Brady Shearer (Pro Church Tools – Church Communications)
  3. Greg Laurie
  4. I Am Second
  5. Veritas School of Biblical Ministry
  6. Sports Spectrum
  7. Life.Church Open Network
  8. YouVersion
  9. Got Questions Ministries
  10. ProPreacher
  11. RightNow Media Insider
  12. Logos Bible Software
  13. The Alliance (actually on Vimeo)
  14. Converge
  15. EFCA
  16. Michael Jr (Comedian)
  17. MotorTrend
  18. Drybar Comedy

Churches I am Learning from on Youtube

I watch a lot of churches on Youtube but these are churches that do some things I would like to try in my ministry.

  1. Eagle Brook Church,MN (MN largest church. Converge Baptist)
  2. Life.Church (Great Topics. Gives away Resources)
  3. Prairie Lakes Church, IA (John Fuller good leader)
  4. North Coast Church, CA (EFCA Church. Interesting topics. Daily Devo)
  5. Pathway Church – Redding, CA (Great Discipleship Pathway Plan)
  6. Christ Community Church – Omaha (Innovative C&MA Church)
  7. Fellowship Church Grapevine TX (Ed Young good story teller)