Am I the master of my fate – Am I the captain of my soul?

This picture of me that was taken at Ocean Pacific’s Restaurant in Santiago, Chile reminded me of the quote from “Invictus” that ends with “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.” – William Ernest Henley, British Writer. Is that true? 

There is an interesting article that asks the same question, Is the idea of being the captain of your own soul Biblical or not? click here for article

“The idea of standing firm in your faith, and not being swayed by others around you clearly is Biblical. To stand up on principal, and take adversity without bitterness is truly scriptural. The master of my fate and captain of my soul part is debatable. On the one hand, God has given us free will, and Joshua admonishes us to ‘choose ye this day whom ye will serve’. In that respect, when we choose God, we are navigating our soul towards Him. But if we are to be saved, we must fully surrender to Him. That means that for the true believer, God is the Master of my fate and Christ is the Captain of my soul.”

Maybe guiding our lives is like a captain of a ship that tries to steer and propel his vessel the best he can while knowing his course may be altered by wind, weather and currents. God’s Word is our map and yielding to God’s will ultimately bring us to a safe harbor.

Ocean Pacific’s Restaurant in Santiago, Chile is an amazing restaurant that I was privileged to go to while I was on a three week missions trip serving at the Vision for Children-Chile House of Hope / Casa Esperenza in LaPintana, Chile in South America.