Losing an adult son

I share a life altering experience with some other Christian parents that I wish would never have happened to any of us: the death of an adult son. In 2016 my 25 year old son died of what the coroner ruled an “accidental overdose.” He grew up in a Christian home and was home schooled. We taught about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and chose to not use them. He had great jobs, a marriage, a son and a family that loved him. But we also suspected he was struggling and we did a lot to try to help him. We thought he was doing well when we got the unexpected, crushing call that he had died. My wife is part of a Facebook group of hundreds of parents who have suffered the same loss – many promising kids who died unexpectedly experimenting or using drugs.

There is a stigma that comes with losing a kid to drugs, especially when you are a Christian leader. I think we just need to own that fact and remind people that God allows us and our kids freedom to make our own choices. And often things meant for good, like prescription pain medication, can lead to addiction. Pray for your kids and grandkids, keep warning about lives destroyed by drug use and show grace to parents who have suffered this kind of loss.

I was thinking about this when I saw Toby Mac share about the loss of his son on GMA and how his wife says, “God loves the wild child.” Here is that video:

Pastor Greg Laurie lost his son Christopher and shares a message of hope for those who have lost loved ones.

Pastor Greg Laurie lost his son Christopher in a car accident in 2008. Here is his story and some encouragement for those who have lost loved ones.