How to find Christian Movies on Netflix with Secret Codes

It is hard to find Christian movies on Netflix now that many of the producers have taken them to their own streaming services like which is sad because I think Christian movies should be out in the public arena like Netflix so that non-Christians might have an opportunity to easily see them. I am pretty sure only committed Christians have a video subscription.

When you go into your Netflix account, they don’t always show every genre they offer. Here are the “secret” codes for categories where you may find Christian movies. There are many more Christian movies streaming on Amazon prime. There are also quite a few Christian movies available through Netflix DVD service.

Code Category Link
26835 Faith & Spirituality
52804 Faith & Spirituality Movies
751423 Kids Faith & Spirituality
2760 Spiritual Documentaries
10005 Religious Documentaries

When I have time I update these current movie lists on Pinterest:

Links to Christian Movies on Netflix

Links to Christian Movies on Amazon