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A song to motivate you to let God write His story on your heart and in your life

This new song reminds me not to drag my feet or run ahead of God but to let Him write the script and set the pace for my life. I have been studying my Bible and thinking about God working out His plan for my life especially when it doesn’t seem to make sense or when I am totally surprised by a situation I never thought I would be in.  John 10:10 say  “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I (Jesus) came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”  As I was pondering an abundant life being God’s providing what I need in abundance instead of me having a stockpile of everything I want and acknowledging that God wants me to live dependent on Him, this song came on. I think this is a great example of inspirational Christian music and a good prayer for all of us – God, write your story on my heart.

Warm Scenic Videos to Inspire You on a Cold Winter Day

In past years I would watch the PGA Tour on TV to see the summer-like scenes of green grass blowing in the gentle breeze and hear the sounds of the birds chirping in the background as the pros golfed. Since I don’t have the golf channel and I wasn’t able to see it this weekend I started looking for “Warm-Inspiring” videos on youtube. I really like the scenes of spring and summer but I find fall pictures depressing because I know that winter will be right around the corner. Check back later as I will add more video links.

Here are the first ones in HD quality. This video clip contains two videos but I like the second one the best and that one starts at 4:20

Are you Looking for new songs for this Christmas Season?

I want to hear new songs this ChristmasMy friend claims he can’t stand Christmas music because it is the same old songs over and over – “new songs” are often a different artist singing an old classic Christmas song. So to find newer songs for my own enjoyment and to see if I can prove him wrong I have started this list of newer Christmas songs that can inspire people and magnify the true meaning of Christmas. Continue reading Are you Looking for new songs for this Christmas Season?

Find a Wider Variety of Popular Christian Music to Listen to

Billboard Christian Music Charts SpotifyHere are some links to more Christian music charts on Billboard.com. The new songs have a link to listen to the latest songs using Spotify. The new charts are now counting digital play instead of just radio airplay which shows more accurately the songs that people are choosing to listen to.

Continue reading Find a Wider Variety of Popular Christian Music to Listen to

Are you listening to the newest Christian music?

Tuning in to Christian music can help you grow in knowledge, inspire you to live a life of faith, help you heal from past hurts, and motivate you to share Jesus with others. This article includes some links to resources to help you find new music to listen to. Continue reading Are you listening to the newest Christian music?