Recent Sermon Audio

Here is a list of my recent audio sermons from October 2021 – Now linked to their home on the Emmanuel Church site.

Help! Love Must Communicate Rockwell.Church – Virginia MN

We are starting a new series on prayer using the model Jesus gave his disciples and us. We are going to look at the Lord’s Prayer and be encouraged by the area of need it meets in our lives. Prayer is communication – talking with God – and if we really love the Lord we must communicate with Him. Listen to this audio from  Rockwell Church and be encouraged to find help through prayer. Pastor Chris Teien #rockwellchurchmn #virginiamn #ironrange Rockwell Church in Virginia Minnesota (formerly Emmanuel). We exist to connect people of all ages to Christ the Rock and together live well lives of Worshiping, Encouraging, Learning and Loving. For more information, share a prayer request or to help support this ministry visit us online at  Support the show
  1. Help! Love Must Communicate
  2. Yes I Can – Guest Mark Bjorlo
  3. How God Works to Supply our Needs
  4. The Best News Ever!
  5. Christ's Crown
  6. Seeking to Spread Awesome Joy
  7. Gods Guide to a Life Well Lived – Keys to Success
  8. When You Don’t Think You Can Do It – Jesus Can Help!
  9. How to Spread the Word of God
  10. How to Handle Your Anxiety