A Bulldog and His Wife Plant a Church

I met the couple in this article (I'm standing in between them in this picture) when I was on a missions trip to Chile in 2014 without realizing at the time how amazing, faithful and courageous they are. Read this update about their recent church planting adventures in Mexico that was recently printed in Alliance... Continue Reading →

The Fear in Cancer and The Hope in Faith

I want to share some encouraging words and resources for you if you have cancer or know someone who does. As a pastor I am often asked to pray for people that have been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer can seem like a life termination notice that seeks to destroy plans and dreams. The discomfort and... Continue Reading →

Judged a Lemon?

As I was sitting in the waiting area getting my tire repaired at Belle Plaine Coop Tire I picked up this book “Lemons: The World’s Worst Cars” and it had the stories and pictures of cars from the past that turned out to be not so great. It included flying cars that eventually crashed, the... Continue Reading →

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