Welcome to the landing page – part of my temporary freelance preaching, teaching, assisting, equipping and consulting ministry (aka I am currently in between churches and seeking a new pastor opportunity. I am helping and serving while I wait.

Hire Me to Help You Temporarily

Let me be your Church Ministry or Small Business Temp. I have years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Youth Ministry, Outreach Ministry, Church Planting, and as a Pastor/leader in churches. I feel led to offer my skills as a highly trained and long time experienced “Church Ministry Temp” to help you and provide for my family.…

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I’ve been trying to share with my church friends how I do things. Many people have suggested I write a book on how I do things on a tight budget but I don’t think the intended audience would want to pay for it (If you have been helped or feel generous there is donation button toward the button of this page).