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Download Effective Discipleship Material Now

When God leads you to help a new Christian grow in Christ and you don’t have any discipleship materials available you can now download materials from NavPress. For years I have found this “Growing in Christ” books to be the most effective – especially for people who don’t […]

Tithing – My Experience and Gods Provision

Years ago I started cutting my pie this way and God has blessed the remaining amount. God doesn’t force you to worship Him through giving and tithing 10 percent isn’t an exact requirement – some give less because they have so little while some should give more because […]

Waiting through the Seasons of Life

Each season of life has its own adventure, risk, anticipation, endurance and reward. Whatever season of life you are in make the best of it and be content with what God has provided for you for that day. Pray for the difficult and annoying stuff to change. Do […]