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Winsten Australian Shepherd Puppy

These are pictures from a few years ago of Winsten our Australian Shepherd Puppy. There is also a video clip of Winston chasing our other dog around – she was not impressed at first with our new bundle of puppy joy. These are pictures of a really fun […]

Be a Grandparent that makes a Difference

Grandparents have a special opportunity to encourage, equip and inspire their grandchildren to follow Jesus. In when I was eight my dad got married and I stayed with my new step-mom’s parents. I was their first grandson (step grand-son) but they treated me like I was their own. […]

Why Small Churches can be better

I am the pastor of a “small” church. I have often been reminded being a pastor of a large church is not easier, more fulfilling or more effective. I am not opposed to serving or being in a larger church but I currently am called to serve God […]