The Fear in Cancer and The Hope in Faith

I want to share some encouraging words and resources for you if you have cancer or know someone who does. As a pastor I am often asked to pray for people that have been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer can seem like a life termination notice that seeks to destroy plans and dreams. The discomfort and... Continue Reading →

Free Parenting Resources to Get Help Now

When I was a youth and family pastor I would offer parenting classes and seminars and my biggest frustration was the great parents that seemed to be doing a great job would come to the classes and the parents that really needed help would do everything they could to avoid the parenting training that would... Continue Reading →

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The World If There Were Only 100 People

Our population recently reached the 7 billion milestone; you are one in 7 billion. That is a lot of people and it’s hard to see the significance of the individual with such a large number. So what if we scaled down that huge population to just 100 individuals to see what makes up the world:... Continue Reading →

Why we all need to Abide

There are so many promises connected to this “abiding principle.” I will be fruitful if I abide. I will experience all of Christ if I abide. I will be more effective praying if I abide. IF I abide, THEN I will enjoy a productive and rewarding Christian life.

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