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Get this NewLife Bible App – Recently Revised and Improved

Here is one of my favorite free Bible apps and it has been totally revised and greatly improved. Download and share this app with others –  it could change lives! It’s also referred to as the NewLife International App and is offered in many different languages.    Click here to get it for:  iOS   Android   Blackberry

It’s your journey to discover, so dig in.Explore what God, faith and Christianity are all about. Read the Bible whenever you want, wherever you are. And whatever you do, don’t stop pursuing the answers to the deepest questions that we all ask.

With this easy-to-use app you can start at SQUARE ONE and explore topics like “God’s existence,” “the purpose of life,” “what’s truth,” “morality,” “the Bible,” and “Christianity.” Or you can skip all that and go straight to the TELL ME MORE section where you’ll explore topics like Jesus Christ, faith, sin, prayer, church and so on.

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My Favorite Christian Videos Worth Watching Streaming on Netflix

There are a lot of videos in the Netflix Faith and Spirituality category but these are a few that you might really like:


2008 PG 119 minutes

A dedicated firefighter’s marriage is about to end in divorce, but just when hope seems to be running out, his Christian father intervenes. More Info


2012 PG-13 98 minutes

This Christian-oriented drama based on real events describes a woman’s search for her husband’s killer, and her slow return to faith afterwards. More Info

What If…

2010 PG 119 minutes

When greedy executive Ben Walker’s new ride breaks down, an angelic tow-truck driver offers to show where Ben’s life might have gone. More Info

Marriage Retreat

2011 NR 87 minutes

In this faith-based tale, three unhappily married couples head to a mountain retreat, where they are subjected to unorthodox methods. More Info

My Hope America with Billy Graham

2013 NR

Billy Graham continues his ongoing spiritual message of empowerment, urging Americans to form a genuine and meaningful relationship with Jesus. Starring: Billy GrahamMore Info

WWJD II: The Woodcarver

2012 PG 91 minutes

A troubled teen meets an elderly man whose woodcarving work he vandalized. The two form an unlikely bond as they rediscover the importance of faith. Starring: John Ratzenberger, Dakota DaulbyMore Info

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The Fear in Cancer and The Hope in Faith

I want to share some encouraging words and resources for you if you have cancer or know someone who does. As a pastor I am often asked to pray for people that have been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer can seem like a life termination notice that seeks to destroy plans and dreams. The discomfort and fear of cancer treatment can push people into hopeless depression if they allow it. There can be hope and healing for those with cancer.
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Powerful Christian Faith Videos from Wakeboarders, Snowboarders, Skateboarders, Surfers and more

Looking for something inspirational and entertaining to watch – you might enjoy the “thisizmystory” youtube channel Click Here 

“This iz my story is a Christian ministry that wants the world to see the change that Jesus Christ has made in peoples’ lives. A change that is real and amazing. These stories illustrate God’s forgiveness, his mercy and love towards a people who are in need. You will notice that in every video we don’t judge or preach, we just share. Be encouraged… Be inspired… Be changed forever in Jesus’ name.”

Videos from people like


Click Here for “thisizmystory” youtube channel which has testimonies like they have on but these people are not sitting in a chair.

25 Favorite Audio Books from

I try to exercise an hour a day and when I am walking or riding my bike I am usually listening to an audio book. I currently have an Android phone and use AstroPlayer Pro app to play the audio books sped up to 1.5 speed. I like listening through Yurbuds headphones or a Motorola HX550 Bluetooth headset.

All these Audio Books are currently on sale for $7.49 until June 20th, 2014! makes it easy to buy and downloads audiobooks to help you grow in the Lord and inspire you to serve others. Here are 25 audio books that are some of my favorites: Continue reading 25 Favorite Audio Books from