Influenced by Preachers, Podcasts and Videos

As I have been interviewing for a new pastor position I find “Who are you following?” or “Who influences you?” or “Who are some of you favorite authors?” is a common question. I looked through my podcast and YouTube subscription lists and here is what I saw. Disclaimer: Just because they are on this list doesn’t mean I agree with everything they post/say/teach/support/promote/do Recently Allen Parr posted a Youtube video about “My TOP 5 Favorite Preachers of ALL-TIME!” the list of his favorite preachers who have impacted his life and his preaching. Here is my list. Preachers who Influenced Me … Continue reading Influenced by Preachers, Podcasts and Videos

Easy Answering Service

As a church planting pastor without an actual church building with staff and volunteers working from coffee shops, the library and home we used cell phones and web based church management programs. We had a land line in our small ministry center office but eventually it was only used to capture voice mail. I had the land line number ported to my cell phone and for many years my personal cell phone and the church number were the same – I no longer think that is the best idea. Recently I got myself a new cell phone number and had … Continue reading Easy Answering Service

Easy Podcasting

I have tried many different Podcasting services over the years. I didn’t like because they often advertise other podcasts that may be like yours and I didn’t want that. They do offer an audio live-streaming option which may be really helpful. I’ve also tried Soundcloud,, Libsyn, blubrry, Spreaker and a few other options. I am currently trying (owned by Spotify) for my own ministry since it is free and their app makes it easy to put together an audio episode on your phone. It’s not my favorite but it is free. I Use The best podcast … Continue reading Easy Podcasting

Easy Background Checks

Three services I have used in church ministry to get easy background checks for church volunteers that work with kids under 18 and impaired adults. Your church insurance company most likely requires it. Check out the library of Safety Resources for Houses of Worship from #1 Protect my Ministry Protect My Ministry can help you fill the gaps in your risk management strategy. With thousands of ministries served across all fifty states they are committed to helping faith-based organizations maintain a safe environment, so they can focus on fulfilling their mission. Their processes, products and solutions have made Protect … Continue reading Easy Background Checks

The Ultimate Guide To Live Streaming Church Music Legally – REACHRIGHT

This is a great resource. I see a lot of churches that started video taping their services during Covid continuing to use music they most likely have permission to use. Lawsuits from music publishers are hard on the church budget. Well worth a read. Continue reading The Ultimate Guide To Live Streaming Church Music Legally – REACHRIGHT

The World If There Were Only 100 People

Our population recently reached the 7 billion milestone; you are one in 7 billion. That is a lot of people and it’s hard to see the significance of the individual with such a large number. So what if we scaled down that huge population to just 100 individuals to see what makes up the world: If there were only 100 people: 50 are female, 50 are male. 26 of these are children and only 8 people are aged 65 and older. 60 people are Asian, 15 African, 14 people are from the Americas and 11 individuals come from Europe. 5 … Continue reading The World If There Were Only 100 People

Get this NewLife Bible App – Recently Revised and Improved

Here is one of my favorite free Bible apps and it has been totally revised and greatly improved. Download and share this app with others –  it could change lives! It’s also referred to as the NewLife International App and is offered in many different languages.    Click here to get it for:  iOS   Android   Blackberry

It’s your journey to discover, so dig in.Explore what God, faith and Christianity are all about. Read the Bible whenever you want, wherever you are. And whatever you do, don’t stop pursuing the answers to the deepest questions that we all ask.

With this easy-to-use app you can start at SQUARE ONE and explore topics like “God’s existence,” “the purpose of life,” “what’s truth,” “morality,” “the Bible,” and “Christianity.” Or you can skip all that and go straight to the TELL ME MORE section where you’ll explore topics like Jesus Christ, faith, sin, prayer, church and so on.

Continue reading “Get this NewLife Bible App – Recently Revised and Improved”

Fixed! View Adobe Acrobat PDF Thumbnails in Explorer on Windows 10 64 bit

After years of frustration with patches and add on programs Adobe finally fixed their Windows Explorer PDF Thumbnail view issue and I am delighted they did. So now I am using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat DC on a Windows 10 64 bit computer. And just like Adobe’s support site says, “to enable thumbnail previews go to Preferences > General and then select Enable PDF thumbnail previews in Windows Explorer.” I’m not sure why they didn’t fix this years ago, but now it works like you would expect. And I thought I’d share this info since I think there … Continue reading Fixed! View Adobe Acrobat PDF Thumbnails in Explorer on Windows 10 64 bit