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Who was Jonathan Carver?

As I was riding my bike along Jonathan Carver Parkway I started to wonder who was Jonathan Carver and why did they name this road after him? “Jonathan Carver Parkway” goes North from Jordan, MN through Carver, MN up to the newly expanded Highway 212 and to the new Fleet Farm Store. The first report I ever had to do for school was on George Washington Carver – was he related?  Turns out he was an explorer and map maker and was in the same area I was riding my bike in almost 250 years ago.

Worry and Trust – Wisdom from the Past to Help you Today

Click to visit the original postI re-blogged this because the quotes from this Worry and Trust article are encouraging.

  • How a fretting disposition can lead us into further problems: ‘Contentment delivers us from an abundance of temptations. Oh, the temptations that men of discontented spirits are subject to! The Devil loves to fish in troubled waters.’ (p.126)

Alliance Missions and The Contagious Chain of Missionary Zeal

It is exciting to think of those who have been and who are now sharing Jesus with others who have not heard around the world.

Christian and Missionary Alliance Missions seeks to spread the message and power of Jesus throughout the world where many others won’t go. Our passion is not just knowing and following Jesus, but helping others know and follow Him. This begins with those God has placed in our spheres of influence and flows to those who are searching desperately for meaning, significance, security, and love in other cultures.