Australian Shepherd Dogs Love to Play Ball

Here are some pictures of my dogs playing ball on a perfect summer day. It is so fun to watch dogs do all they can to get a tennis ball. It is even more fun to have them bring the ball back to you and drop it at your feet or place it in your hand (even if it is a bit wet). I share these for all the Aussie Dog lovers, for people interested in dogs and so I can look at these summer pictures as I endure 6 months of winter in Minnesota. Continue reading Australian Shepherd Dogs Love to Play Ball

Winsten Australian Shepherd Puppy

These are pictures from a few years ago of Winsten our Australian Shepherd Puppy. There is also a video clip of Winston chasing our other dog around – she was not impressed at first with our new bundle of puppy joy. These are pictures of a really fun memory.Sometimes I wish someone would invite us over to help socialize their Australian Shepherd or Border Collie puppies. Some puppies are so much fun – Winsten is our most recent puppy and he grew up so fast. He turned out to be a great family member. Continue reading Winsten Australian Shepherd Puppy