Influenced by Preachers, Podcasts and Videos

As I have been interviewing for a new pastor position I find “Who are you following?” or “Who influences you?” or “Who are some of you favorite authors?” is a common question. I looked through my podcast and YouTube subscription lists and here is what I saw. Disclaimer: Just because they are on this list doesn’t mean I agree with everything they post/say/teach/support/promote/do Recently Allen Parr posted a Youtube video about “My TOP 5 Favorite Preachers of ALL-TIME!” the list of his favorite preachers who have impacted his life and his preaching. Here is my list. Preachers who Influenced Me … Continue reading Influenced by Preachers, Podcasts and Videos

Download Effective Discipleship Material Now

When God leads you to help a new Christian grow in Christ and you don’t have any discipleship materials available you can now download materials from NavPress. For years I have found this “Growing in Christ” books to be the most effective – especially for people who don’t know much about the Bible or don’t read much. I encourage them to do the Bible study work and answer the questions in the book before we meet but if they don’t get it done I will read through with them and help them answer the questions. The discussion is so much … Continue reading Download Effective Discipleship Material Now