Our Church in Action (Peacemaker 8 of 8)

Our Church in Action  (Eph 2:11-22) Have we reached our destination? Do we have a culture of peace now?  #1 Our Church: the Community of the LOST. (vv 11-12) Paul reminds us of our PAST.  We were LOST apart from Christ.  #2 Our Church: the Community of the REDEEMED and the RECONCILED. (vv 13-18) Our peace was purchased by the BLOOD of Christ. For Christians in conflict, the blood of Christ brings peace with GOD  and with OTHER BELIEVERS The basis or ground for reconciliation with other believers is the presence of the  HOLY SPIRIT in all Christians.  Does God want you to pray about assisting the Peacemaking Team?  #3 Our … Continue reading Our Church in Action (Peacemaker 8 of 8)

The Awesome Dynamic of Forgiveness (Peacemaker 7 of 8)

The Awesome Dynamic of Forgiveness Luke 15:1-32 Introduction: We’re lost … because we’ve LEFT GOD #1 We all view God as an EMPLOYER. #2 The Story of the Younger Son (vv. 12-24) The Request To ask for his inheritance means the son wants his father to DIE! Sin is wishing GOD were dead. The younger son returns not as a son, but rather as an EMPLOYEE. The Father’s Response Instead of CONDEMNING his son, the father runs to greet him and seals his FORGIVENESS with a lavish celebration.  #3 The Elder Son (vv. 12-24) The Rejection The elder son surrendered … Continue reading The Awesome Dynamic of Forgiveness (Peacemaker 7 of 8)

Putting Discipline in Discipleship (Peacemaker 6 of 8)

Putting Discipline in Discipleship Matthew 18:12-22 Excellence requires discipline. #1 Discipline is all aboutLOVE (Heb. 12:6; Ps. 94:12; Rev. 3:19). #2 Ninety-nine percent of church life involves FORMATIVE discipline               (Acts 2:42-47; 1 Thess. 2:11; Heb. 10:24-25; 12:10; Titus 1:8). #3 Occasionally we need corrective or restorative discipline (Matt. 18:12-22).  Note the “BOOKENDS of LOVE” (Matt. 18:12-14; 21-22).  Step 1 – What should you do when someone does something wrong? The world says, “Mind your own business,” “Live and let live,” or “Be tolerant.” God says, “If your brother sins against you, GO and SHOW … Continue reading Putting Discipline in Discipleship (Peacemaker 6 of 8)

Learning to Listen to Criticism (Peacemaker 5 of 8)

“Learning to Listen to Criticism” Proverbs 9:9, 12:15, 13:10, 15:32, 17:10 #1 Pride can be exceedingly expensive. Criticism is when another person judges you by declaring that you  have FALLEN SHORT of a particular standard. A key step is to recognize the idol of SELF  #2 Criticism is a kindness, an honor, and a blessing if we have the  HUMILITY to listen to whatever may be TRUE  in it  (Prov. 12:15; 13:10; 17:10; 13:13; 9:9; 15:32; Ps. 141:5). We will never be able to welcome criticism as a kindness until we  under stand both God’s CRITICISM and his  JUSTIFICATION of  us … Continue reading Learning to Listen to Criticism (Peacemaker 5 of 8)

I Will Not Be Silent! (Peacemaker 4 of 8)

Psalm 32     Making resolutions 1.      In what and for whom is this happiness? (Psalm 32:1-2) 2.      The deceit of concealed sin (Psalm 32:3) 3.      The consequences of keeping silent (Psalm 32:3-4) 4.      How does God bring true happiness to believers? Through conviction by His Spirit and His Word. Genuine conviction will lead to sincere confession.  ·         Secret sin (Ps. 90:8)  ·         Private sins (Matt. 18:15) ·         Public sins      5.      You forgave my sin! (Psalm 32:5) Conclusion:  Let us … Continue reading I Will Not Be Silent! (Peacemaker 4 of 8)

U-Turn Towards Peace (Peacemaker 3 of 8)

“U-Turn Towards Peace”   Luke 12:13-15 Purpose: To encourage believers to break free from the habit of focusing on other people’s wrongs and to promote peace by focusing on their own contribution to a conflict. 1. Our natural reaction to conflict is to blame others and focus on their wrongs (Lk. 12:13; Gen. 3, 37; 1 Sam. 18-19) 2. The blame game always makes conflict worse (Lk. 12:15; Ps. 73:21-22) 3. You can change the course of a conflict with a prompt you-turn (Lk. 12:15; Matt. 7:1-5) 4. Genuine reconciliation and lasting change require a transformed heart (Lk. 12:15; Matt. 15:18-19; James 4:1-3; Ezek. … Continue reading U-Turn Towards Peace (Peacemaker 3 of 8)

Reunite for Peace (Peacemaker 2 of 8)

“Reunite for Peace”  Ephesians 4:1-16 A. Unity has an irresistible power.   What is the nature of Christian unity? People do not CREATE unity— GOD does (Eph. 4:3; 2:22).  Christian unity is “being one in spirit and purpose” to LOVE Jesus Christ and MAKE HIM KNOWN to others (John 17:23; Phil. 2:2; Rom. 15:5-6). B. Five commitments needed to cultivate, maintain and demonstrate unity: #1 A commitment to LOVE Jesus Christ above all things and to SACRIFICE all of our mini-agendas for His sake (Eph. 4:1, 15-16; Matt. 22:37; Gal. 2:20). #2 A commitment to sound DOCTRINE which never sacrifices the TRUTH, … Continue reading Reunite for Peace (Peacemaker 2 of 8)

Finding Real Peace (Peacemaker 1 of 8)

 “Finding Real Peace” Colossians 1:15-20 Conclusion: Conflict is an OPPORTUNITY to show others how to find real peace! Challenge: Think of someone in your life with whom you need to make peace.  Throughout this study, commit to prayer the steps you need to take to go to that person. Originally shared at  River Rock Church    Sept 20th, 2009   Pastor Chris Teien   Message adapted using purchased sermon material from Peacemaker Ministries Continue reading Finding Real Peace (Peacemaker 1 of 8)

Stories and Scripture to Show How Revenge may not bring Satisfaction

Some people just get us so angry that we want to cause them to feel some of the pain and problems they have caused us. We might even stay awake at night planning what we are going to do to get our revenge. Christians are to choose to forgive instead of retaliating because of love. And if vengeance is due – God says we are to leave that to Him to deal with. Mishandling your anger towards others can often harm you more than anyone else. That’s what this encouraging message is about. Listen and be encouraged to act in … Continue reading Stories and Scripture to Show How Revenge may not bring Satisfaction

THANKFUL – Trailer Memories Edition

THANKFUL – TRAILER MEMORIES EDITION: The past weekend I borrowed a trailer to take Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to the Duluth MN Distribution Center. For almost 20 years I had a big enclosed church trailer in my driveway to use whenever I needed. As a church planter I am THANKFUL that God showed up all those time we setup church, shared God’s Word/encouragement, and then packed it all up when we were done and for all the people that helped make that happen every week. Now I just walk into the Rockwell Church building and it’s pretty much all ready … Continue reading THANKFUL – Trailer Memories Edition

Choosing the “All Weather” tire for harsh winters and the other seasons

I’ve had to drive in some of the worst weather to go be with people in their time of need as a pastor. My wife’s Grandpa Roy was a GM mechanic all his life and he’d always say, “Your best insurance policy is a good set of tires.” Last weekend I came to the conclusion I need new truck tires before winter. We have long, harsh winters for much of the year here in Northern Minnesota. If could afford two sets of tires for both summer and winter that is probably best. I don’t want to switch tires every six … Continue reading Choosing the “All Weather” tire for harsh winters and the other seasons