The Awesome Dynamic of Forgiveness (Peacemaker 7 of 8)

The Awesome Dynamic of Forgiveness

Luke 15:1-32

Introduction: We’re lost … because we’ve LEFT GOD

#1 We all view God as an EMPLOYER.

#2 The Story of the Younger Son (vv. 12-24)

The Request

To ask for his inheritance means the son wants his father to DIE!

Sin is wishing GOD were dead.

The younger son returns not as a son, but rather as an EMPLOYEE.

The Father’s Response

Instead of CONDEMNING his son, the father runs to greet him and seals his FORGIVENESS with a lavish celebration. 

#3 The Elder Son (vv. 12-24)

The Rejection

The elder son surrendered his soul to his PRIDE and self-SUFFICIENCY.

When others have done wrong, we want JUSTICE,  not MERCY.

The Father’s Response 

And yet the father’s love wasUNQUENCHABLE.

#4 The Third Son

Jesus has PAID for all our sins and thereby OPENED the way for all of us to return to our Father’s loving arms. 

Because of Jesus, the Father is waiting for you to RETURN— so that he  may bless you, forgive you, accept you, and CELEBRATE over you with the whole host of heaven.

Conclusion: The foundational “G” for all peacemaking is the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.

Challenge: Think of someone you know who is “lost” and in need of Jesus’ forgiveness 
and love.  Then, find a way to point this person to the loving arms of the welcoming Father.

Originally shared at  River Rock Church    Nov 1st, 2009   Pastor Chris Teien
Message adapted using purchased sermon material from Peacemaker Ministries