U-Turn Towards Peace (Peacemaker 3 of 8)

“U-Turn Towards Peace”   Luke 12:13-15

Purpose: To encourage believers to break free from the habit of focusing on other people’s wrongs and to promote peace by focusing on their own contribution to a conflict.

1. Our natural reaction to conflict is to blame others and focus on their wrongs (Lk. 12:13; Gen. 3, 37; 1 Sam. 18-19)

2. The blame game always makes conflict worse (Lk. 12:15; Ps. 73:21-22)

3. You can change the course of a conflict with a prompt you-turn (Lk. 12:15; Matt. 7:1-5)

4. Genuine reconciliation and lasting change require a transformed heart (Lk. 12:15; Matt. 15:18-19; James 4:1-3; Ezek. 36:25-27)

 Conclusion: Make a “you-turn” by confessing the sinful desires in your own life and by receiving the incredible gift of forgiveness and peace won on the cross.

 Challenge: Making a “you-turn” means that you are going to go in another direction.  Lay out a practical plan for the route that you will take, with God’s help, as you go in this new direction.

Originally shared at  River Rock Church    Oct 4th, 2009   Pastor Chris Teien   
Message adapted using purchased sermon material from Peacemaker Ministries