THANKFUL – Trailer Memories Edition

THANKFUL – TRAILER MEMORIES EDITION: The past weekend I borrowed a trailer to take Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to the Duluth MN Distribution Center. For almost 20 years I had a big enclosed church trailer in my driveway to use whenever I needed. As a church planter I am THANKFUL that God showed up all those time we setup church, shared God’s Word/encouragement, and then packed it all up when we were done and for all the people that helped make that happen every week. Now I just walk into the Rockwell Church building and it’s pretty much all ready to go. I am THANKFUL for all the past and current volunteers that help make Sunday worship and other programs happen. And I really am THANKFUL to have a key to a church building since I know what it’s like to not have one (but I do spend a lot more time concerned about snow and ice removal now than I did when rented the school). So today I’m THANKFUL and still willing to do whatever it takes to serve Jesus wherever He has put us and to be content with the resources He provides. #givethankstotheLord