Teaching Kids and Youth – Ministry Resources

There are a lot of kids and youth ministry materials online. Here are some that have worked for me in the past and some recommended by other ministry leaders in my network. Remember that the pandemic in 2020 forced a lot of churches to stay closed and that is reflected in the ministry material from that time. Curriculum gives you ideas of what to teach and helps you and your team to be more effective. Usually there is more curriculum material than you can fit in the time you have so pick and choose what will work for you. Plan your lessons and get the material to your teams at least a month or two in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare and don’t forget to pray.


Rightnow Media has around 20,000 videos so trying to pick a video series for Kids Church or Youth Group can be overwhelming. Kind of like trying to take a drink from water gushing out of a fire hydrant.

Follow this link to see suggested KIDS material with leader guides https://www.rightnowmedia.org/roadmap-kids

Follow this link to see suggested YOUTH GROUP material with leader guides https://www.rightnowmedia.org/roadmaps/youth-bible-study-roadmap

If you told me I was leading your youth group tonight and needed a RightNow video series to use, here are some of my first choices:

Bold (Joby Martin) free leaders guide. (Says “guys” but I think it would be a good discussion with girls too)

Eternity – Youth Edition (Francis Chan) free leaders guide

Friends (Shaun McDowell) free leaders guide and handout sheets. (kind of old 2011)



Free resources from Life Church and other ministries ready to download for free with leaders guides and parent sheets. The kids material is easier to use than the teen material. Some examples are:

Crosstown (young children)

Loop (4-6th Grade)

Switch (6-12th Grade)

Suggestions from my ministry friends:

Grow Curriculum

Gospel Project

Disciple Town Kids Church

New Spring Network (Southern Baptist)

Dig In

Elevate Kids (kind of expensive)

Team Kid



Noah’s Park Children’s Church Kits (David C Cook)

Wonderink (David C Cook digital – customizable)

Seen (David C Cook – Teen Digital Resources)