Updated and fixed my personal website

Like a classic car forgotten about in the garage, I got busy and this neglected website has gotten dusty and needs some TLC. WordPress.com continues to get better but my “Patch” WordPress theme didn’t get updated to the new version (too old for the future?). I have been busy working at Rockwell.Church and neglected this site for about 5 months. This christeien.com site actually gets more traffic then the church website and has more followers. Seems like it is worth the effort to keep it going. So if you were frustrated by all the broken links and lack of updates, I apologize and I look forward to sharing with you the random things I am learning and doing in life and ministry. The last two weeks I have been experimenting with YouTube shorts (60 second or less video) and this week it is Spotify video podcasting. I hope you are having a great summer! (stock photography posted – not my car)