Easy Podcasting

I have tried many different Podcasting services over the years. I didn’t like Podbean.com because they often advertise other podcasts that may be like yours and I didn’t want that. They do offer an audio live-streaming option which may be really helpful. I’ve also tried Soundcloud, WordPress.com, Libsyn, blubrry, Spreaker and a few other options.

I am currently trying Anchor.fm (owned by Spotify) for my own ministry since it is free and their app makes it easy to put together an audio episode on your phone. It’s not my favorite but it is free.

I Use Buzzsprout.com

The best podcast host that I have been using for church sermons for over 9 years is https://buzzsprout.com I like that it is easy to upload episodes and that I can backdate the episode if I want. I also like that I can replace the audio episode without having to repost it. I can’t remember ever having any technical problems with Buzzsprout and when I’ve had questions their support staff answers quickly. If I had more than one podcast I might switch to Spreaker (owned by iHeartRadio) since their subscription allows multiple podcasts while Buzzsprout will charge you another subscription fee for additional podcasts.

I like the charts that show the stats of how people are listening and where they are from. I like the individual podcast webpage https://riverrock.buzzsprout.com and I like that it is so easy to set Buzzsprout up to place your episode on so many other services (see picture)