Easy Background Checks

Three services I have used in church ministry to get easy background checks for church volunteers that work with kids under 18 and impaired adults. Your church insurance company most likely requires it. Check out the library of Safety Resources for Houses of Worship from ChurchMutual.com

#1 Protect my Ministry

Protect My Ministry can help you fill the gaps in your risk management strategy. With thousands of ministries served across all fifty states they are committed to helping faith-based organizations maintain a safe environment, so they can focus on fulfilling their mission. Their processes, products and solutions have made Protect My Ministry the industry leader for church background checks. https://www.protectmyministry.com/

#2 Lifeway One Source

The Lifeway One Source program provides discounted prices on background checks for churches and religious organizations looking to protect their ministries. Screen your staff, volunteers, treasurers, teachers, bus drivers, camp counselors and more! Uses the backgroundchecks.com service and offers a discounted price. https://www.lifeway.com/en/shop/services/church-administration/background-checks

#3 Verified First Pre-Employment Screening

Another option for quick background checks for future staff people https://verifiedfirst.com

Here is an example of a Background Check Application form I made that you can modify and use if you want.