Save Time by just using a Font for your Logo and Brand Identity

I used to work in marketing for a well known camera manufacturer that had a simple logo. Back then we had to use use scanned images of the PENTAX logo in Aldus Pagemaker but I kept looking for the most exact replica true type font I could use on my computer to simplify things. If you see a font you like and want help identifying it try or If you don’t find a font and want to make your own there are lots of programs you can use (google search “make your own font”) or pay someone a little to make it for you

When I came up with a name for my future church plant in the summer of 2001, I had a friend who is a professional graphic designer make the first River Rock Church logo. We used it for 14 years. It looked great but it was a complex image file that was harder to work with. I wanted something easy to use with Powerpoint and MS Publisher.

Original RIver Rock Church 2001-2014

Years later when I felt it was time to update our look, I decided to search for a font that had what looked like a “praying letter i” and have found that just using a font has made life so much easier. If you can get your logo as a font that you can share with others, then you can easily keep your brand identity consistent as your workers and volunteers promote your ministry (or business) more effectively.

This “River Rock Church” logo was made using the Alianza Italic 700 font from Corradine Fonts. We have easily used it to make everything from sermon slides to t-shirts and banners to trailer graphics. Save yourself a lot of time and headaches and just use a True Type font for your logo text. See our examples in the gallery below.

The logo uses the free Google font “Rancho” and was chosen because the letter “t” resembles the cross