A WELL Life is full of Faith, Friends and Farewells (2 Cor 13:11)

Listen to  “A WELL Life is full of Faith, Friends and Farewells” Pastor Chris’ last message as the Pastor of River Rock Church. 

As we follow Jesus on the narrow road of life He leads us to various places to grow in faith, serve Him and to learn from the experiences. Some people live in the same place all their lives while others move around for new jobs, education, opportunities, or even better weather. Some feel forced to move because of circumstances beyond their control or to stay close to a loved one. One of the most stressful and most spiritually open times in someone’s life is when they move to a new place they are not familiar with. A W.E.L.L. Life centers around Worshiping, Encouraging. Learning and Loving. That kind of life is blessed by the Lord and can lead to great friendships and ministry opportunities. You may share life with a friend nearby for weeks, months or years but even when they must move away you can still stay connected. Farewells can be sad, sometimes they make others glad, but they do not all have to be bad. Pray for that person or family who God is sending out to a new place, on a new adventure, to serve Him in a new way, to possibly help some other people experience that same kind of friendship and a W.E.L.L. Life. Be encouraged to have faith to follow Jesus wherever He leads you or your friends. Pastor Chris Teien.