Hire Me to Help You Temporarily

Let me be your Church Ministry or Small Business Temp. I have years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Youth Ministry, Outreach Ministry, Church Planting, and as a Pastor/leader in churches. I feel led to offer my skills as a highly trained and long time experienced “Church Ministry Temp” to help you and provide for my family. While I am looking for a new church to serve in, I am available to temporarily (or long term depending on your need) help you by working from my home (or possibly commuting to your church/office if you are near me) in many areas including:

  1. Church Consultant and/or training – specializing in low budget small/medium sized church ministry
  2. Setting up a powerful yet economical church website using WordPress.com with a simple yet strategic method to maintain it so it is easy for the pastor and volunteers to keep updated.
  3. Have me Oversee, Update and/or Maintain your church website and sermon podcast
  4. Bible based Pre-Marriage Counseling. Marriage Counseling. By video or phone. I am trained to help you using the Prepare and Enrich inventory system.
  5. Personal Biblical Counseling (not a licensed counselor – I can not bill your insurance)
  6. Small Church pastor coaching.
  7. Personal Christian life coaching.
  8. Desktop Publishing: Doing it for you and/or showing you how by setting up reusable templates in Microsoft Publisher for you to easily make your own postcard mailings, business cards, brochures, large posters, church bulletins, baptism and dedication certificates, imprinted T-shirts, etc.
  9. Church Management Systems: Getting your church contacts ready to use in online church system like ACS Realm, Breeze, Servant Keeper or Church Community Builder.
  10. Setting up an email system using Mailchimp to easily stay connected with your church and or business
  11. Setting up a church budget on Quickbooks Online and helping you get the charity subscription rate through Techsoup.
  12. Audio Editing and Podcast Setup and Production
  13. Video Editing that can Include Scripture and custom graphics
  14. Telephone Church surveys to help you find out what your church privately thinks without revealing who they are.
  15. Sermon Research to help you as you prepare relevant and interesting messages
  16. PowerPoint Slides for your sermon, presentation or class
  17. Help with annual Preaching Calendar or Event Calendar
  18. Ghost writing. Proof Reading. Getting your literature translated into another language.
  19. Audio introductions and voiceovers for Christian ministries and select businesses (I reserve the right to refuse to use my voice for any reason).
  20. Church image and custom graphics. Let me help you find a font or make one for you so you can easily promote your brand, church, ministry or business.

Ask me about how I can help with other needs you have that are not on this list.