Favorite Song this week: “Evermore” (by Jonty Lees)

Verse 1:
You hold the stars, you sit enthroned above
Yet still you know my name

The mystery of, the Earth that turned its back,
Still you chose to save

Humbled I bow down
I surrender it all
Kneel before the crown
Before the living God

I will shout it from the rooftops
All I have will
Praise you evermore
Praise you evermore

Join with Heaven’s anthem
Deep cries out
I’ll praise you evermore
Praise you evermore

Verse 2:
You Calm the sea
You reign victorious
Yet you’re calling out to me

Your Majesty
The King above all kings
Your name will ever be

Every week I seem to find a song that brings me encouragement and inspires me to live for and serve Jesus. This was my song for the week