Easy Video Editing with Filmora Wondershare

I am actually writing this to help some other people I am working with learn Video Editing and I don’t want to spend time make my own video tutorials right now. We actually had an in person training already.

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Putting together a “church at home” video production using Filmora Wondershare

Filmora X video editing works great but the Chromakey feature (green screen) processing is slow and edges are not very crisp. I actually use Movavi Video Suite to render chromakey (green screen) and then edit the video in Wondershare. I’ve tried Adobe Premier Pro & Rush, Roxio NXT8 Video editor, Camtasia video editor, Wondershare Pro and a couple others. They either needed more power than my computer could handle or they were more complex than I needed. I have a 6gb dedicated video card that has to be manually enabled in the preference section of Wondershare X so that it will use the computer hardware to render the video faster. I have a fast SSD drive, i7 processor and 24gb of ram and I am satisfied with performance. Filmora X (not Pro) is an easy an effective way to edit video and audio.

See official Filmora Youtube Page https://www.youtube.com/c/FilmoraWondershare

Here are two beginner tutorial videos – you may like one better than the other.

Here is a helpful review that also gives you info about the program https://sidehustleteach.com/filmora-review/