What Apps and Resources are you using to be most effective in 2020?

There are a ton of apps, program and resources out there. It’s difficult to figure out what really works well. I am primarily writing this for my friends that ask me what resources I am using to accomplish my tasks and goals. I am church pastor and Christian man. This is what I find works the best for me and maybe you will help me find better solutions that I don’t know about. I use Windows 7/10 and use a Samsung Note 4 phone and an Android Tablet. I am trying out an iPad mini tablet for 2016. So here is my list:

Music: Spotify because I can make playlists and download them to my phone to listen to later without an internet connection.

Tasks/Goals: TickTick because it is easy to use, recurring tasks work better than Wunderlist, you can print or email your list of completed tasks better than Any.do.

Calendar: Google Calendar

Calorie Counter: MyFitnessPal because the mobile app works good. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago using myfooddiary.com but they don’t have an Android app and it costs $9 a month.

Fitness Apps: Endomondo Premium and Strava for cycling (I like to see who else in my area is out riding especially in the winter). There is a service from Tapiriik.com that will automatically sync Endomondo data to Strava that works good for me. There is also an Android app called Bicycle Weather that lets you know when the temperature and wind conditions are good for going out cycling.

Weather: Accuweather

Bible Software/App: The Gideons have the New Life App which gives you the New Living Translation downloaded with some great evangelism and growth helps. Tecarta has some great study Bible that work well. I have used Wordsearch Bible Software for the last 20 years but have started to purchase more Logos books because the Logos Android app works great and Wordsearch Bible app doesn’t do much. Youversion Bible apps work great, too. And I like the Biblehub.com website.

Audio Sound Editing: Roxio Creator NXT 4

Podcast hosting: Buzzsprout.com has worked good and it easy to use. I wish they had a download episode button

Podcast Player: PlayerFM for Android because I can download episodes to listen offline. I often ride my bike while listening to podcasts where I can’t get web access and streaming audio files drains my battery too fast. The podcast I found most helpful was  the 200 Churches weekly podcast and that I listened to on PlayerFM.

Headphones: Yurbuds Inspire 300 Fitness Headphones

Desktop Publishing, Wordprocessing and Spreadsheets: Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint, Word and Excel

Websites Creation: WordPress.com because it’s much less of a hassle then Self hosted WordPress. It’s easy, effective and they update WordPress.com to work well with the latest technologies. My website looks good on a smart phone, a tablet, and computer and a big screen TV.

Professional Voiceovers: I was very pleased with the podcast intro and outro that was produced by a professional DJ and it only cost $15 on Fiverr.com

Accounting program: Quickbooks Online

Church Management: Realm by ACS Technologies an online system that integrates with Vanco Services for online giving.

Online backup service: Dropbox

So that’s my list. Help me out and tell me are you using??