As I was sitting in the waiting area getting my tire repaired at Belle Plaine Coop Tire I picked up this book “Lemons: The World’s Worst Cars” and it had the stories and pictures of cars from the past that turned out to be not so great.

Lemon Cars BookIt included flying cars that eventually crashed, the Pontiac Fiero, the 80’s GM diesel engines, Hondas, Fiats, Volvos, Pacers, Pintos, Gremlins and a lot more. If a car buyer could’ve had that info 30 years ago it would’ve been really helpful. The book had a chapter claiming some of the cars became lemons because of flaws, shortcuts and carelessness in their manufacturing process. Got me thinking that the same thing can happen in our lives when we are careless. Don’t give into the temptation to lazily live outside of God’s perfect plan and process. Someday we will have to give account for our lives, passions, pursuits and priorities. Will God be able to commend us for our reliability? Our stability? And our durability?    See 1 Cor 3:10-23