When I was a youth and family pastor I would offer parenting classes and seminars and my biggest frustration was the great parents that seemed to be doing a great job would come to the classes and the parents that really needed help would do everything they could to avoid the parenting training that would really benefit their family.

Unfortunately parents who were parented poorly seem to do the same thing to their kids by default. They need training and resources. In the Bible Romans 12:1-2 really applies to parenting Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” 

If you come to a church like mine, RiverRockChurch.com, you get free access to RightNow Media with thousands of videos to help you live the Christian life and learn to be better parents but you don’t usually get the free workbooks and study resources.

Maybe this free parenting seminar and resources by Craig Caster will help you with the parenting issues you are struggling with. Sometimes the pastor of your local church can also help, but pastors often recommend books and parenting classes that have info like Craig is offering here online. The video quality is OK but the info is encouraging and helpful and you can download MP3’s to listen to in the car instead of having to sit and watch videos. You might find the information you need to be a better parent today when you go to http://www.fdm.world/parenting-class/

Below is a screen shot of the topics covered in the parenting series:

Parenting Class Videos
Screen Shot of Parenting Class Topics

Below is a screen shot from Craig’s top five parenting issues. This video series will cover the many obstacles that Christian parents are facing every day.  Pastor Craig shares sound biblical wisdom and gives practical illustrations on how parents can face these issues according to God’s will. Each session includes live questions from the audience followed simple yet profound practical advice.  Click here to go to the Top 5 Topic Videos http://www.fdm.world/top-5-parenting-topics/


Self Help Top 5 Parenting Topics 1
Screen Shot of Top Five Parenting Topics


I also recommend Craig’s free Marriage Class materials http://www.fdm.world/marriage/

A few other great online parenting resources to get self help now are: