Logos Bible App Extracts Bible References from Pics

While the Logos Bible Program can be so expensive that the Christian satire site the Babylon Bee poked fun at the cost here  Logos does have a great and free updated Bible app. A little secret: if you can find the old Libronix Bible CD libraries at Christian bookstores or online the books transfer to the Logos Bible library. The most exciting part of the new Logos app is the ability to take a picture of Bible references in a book or church sermon note and the app will look up the references for you. That’s a useful tool!

#1 Take Picture of Page with Bible References


#2 App looks up Bible References


Here’s the Details from the Logos Blog

Print meets digital

Let’s be honest: how many of us take the time to look up biblical references when they’re mentioned in a print book? It’s illuminating to do it, but it’s also time consuming, breaking the flow of our reading. With the new Reference Scanner in the Logos app, looking up those passages is as simple as snapping a picture. Logos scans the page and pulls up every biblical reference in seconds.

Whether you want a simple, uncluttered look at the Word or do in-depth, powerful Bible study, you can now do it all right inside the mobile app. Try it for yourself right now for free.

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