I used to have a huge collection of CDs and I would rip them to MP3 files so I could listen to them later which wasn’t a good use of my time. Two years ago I decided to simplify my life including giving almost all of my CDs away. I am a pastor that focuses on helping people live a W.E.L.L. life – that means  a life of Worship – Encouraging – Learning – Loving. Encouraging people to listen to good Christian music is a big part of my discipleship ministry. After I gave all my CDs away I subscribed to Spotify. I’ve tried Google music and Amazon music services but I still think Spotify is the best. Recently I’ve started using the Lyrics feature on my Windows version of Spotify and now I can see the words as they are sung and it has really increased the value of the music I am playing. I’m not sure if this is a new feature but I just noticed it this month. I mentioned it to some of my friends that use Spotify and they didn’t know that was possible. Try it with the right music and it may help you grow in your Christian faith.

Screenshot 2016-02-27 21.39.59