Make your New 2014 Twitter Header using this Powerpoint Template or Dimensions

So you want to update your Twitter Header Photo image but don’t know the correct size? Here is some free help:Twitter is suggesting your image be 1500 x 500 pixels.
So that converts to 15.625 x 5.208 inches.

You can set the page size in Powerpoint at that size and then you make your custom headers with pictures and text and then save your files as a JPEG image and then upload them to Twitter.

The tricky part is trying to avoid have your image cut off or covered up on the browser, tablet or mobile device. It took me a little while to figure out how to make a template to make it easy to make images.

You can also enter this custom image size in and make the header images – that service also has a Facebook Cover template available.

Click this link to download my  Free 2014 Twitter Header Powerpoint Template

I made it in PowerPoint 2007 and included few simple sample Twitter Header images and some instructions. Makes it really easy to make the right size images.


There is another helpful template for the iPhone and the Twitter Header Template. I tried using here 1500 x 421 image size and it did not work right so I think she is making her actual image the smaller size plus a large border to make the full 1500 x 500 image Twitter wants you to upload.

Click here to see that other template and instructions



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