Soaked up the Andes Mountain view in the hot salty water of Baños Colina natural hot springs

Daniel and I went up to the Baños Colina natural hot springs at the base of the San José volcano. The temperature of the 8 different pools was warmer at the top and cooler toward the bottom. I was surprised that it was hot salt water and the bottom of the pool was like sheetrock mud.

Baños Colina is a hidden place, majestic and silent, at the foot of the Cordillera de los Andes, located about 104 km from Santiago, at 3500 meters. In the natural pools arranged as outdoor terraces, and limestone deposits of thermal water with temperatures of 70 º C, you can enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic bath mineral waters and mud, with a view of the Andes. (Click here for more info)