Scenic Pictures from Bicyle Riding 1000 Miles Around Belle Plaine Minnesota

Around Belle Plaine MN  Teien (39)

Here are some pictures I took this summer as I rode my bike around Belle Plaine, MN and the surrounding area. I rode my bicycle over 1,000 miles during the summer of 2013 – every now and then I would stop and take a picture with my camera phone. I will add more pictures later so you might want to check back and see what I photos I added. Click on thumbnail for bigger image.

Stuck in the mud down by the river with my old Gary Fisher Mountain Bike Spring 2012. The bike got so heavy with mud I had to put it in the river to wash it off and then carry the bike to firmer ground.

This love for bikes all started when I was young – here I am on my first bike:

Chris Teien First Bike