Pontiac Bonneville Restoration

Bonnevilles UnlimitedI like this story of the lady that bought back her wrecked Bonneville SLE after it was restored and this Bonneville Parts Resource in Minnesota.

I found this website while looking for a part for my sons 2001 Bonneville. Someday I hope to find the perfect Bonneville SLE to buy for myself. I think Minnesota based Andrew Suderman has some amazing before and after Bonnville stripping and restoration pics. Amazing the niche people can find to start a business in small towns. I keep shopping for a black, dark bronze or white 2003-5 Bonneville SLE with lower miles on it but they always are to expensive or have too many miles on them.

See before and after stripping pics http://bonnevillesunlimited.com/bonnevilleparts.html

Roll your mouse over the images to see how far he goes to remove parts from these Bonnevilles.

His site says, Welcome to Bonnevilles Unlimited!  If you are a first time visitor, and you own a 2000-2005 Bonneville, you have just found your new favorite website! This site is fully dedicated to the 2000-2005 Pontiac Bonneville. I specialize in buying/selling/parting out/repairing 2000+ Bonneville SSEi’s. Unlike salvage yards that remove one part at a time and let the rest of the car sit outside in the elements, I remove every part and every bolt from the car. I have a massive organized inventory and very competitive prices.


I lifted this post from his facebook page – I thought it was a cool story:

Interesting story today that says a little about the amount of work I do to my restorations. I purchased a car from a local lady for $500 after a local shop told her the repairs would be more than the car was worth. I fixed up the car including: new intake gaskets and top end gaskets, newly painted front bumper cover and hood, rust repair on fuel door area, polished headlights, new struts, new fuel level sensor, repaired dash lights, new rims and tires, adjusted sunroof, new window regulators, fixed water leaks, repaired heated seats, replaced EBCM because of Service Stability System, replaced rear shocks, replaced oil pressure sender, cleaned, vacuumed, polished, detailed, etc… I listed the car for $4500 and parked it for sale. She stopped over today and said she fell in love with the car all over again and wants to buy it back. While I did invest quite a bit of money into the car to get everything fixed, I can assure you I still made decent money. A win/win for everyone.