The first car I loved was an Alfa Romeo

1975 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sedan

When I was 18 I bought my dad’s 1975 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Sedan (I don’t have any video but the one here sounds the same and looks very similar). That car was so fun to drive with the engine in the front and transmission in the rear. I really liked that car and thought it had so much potential. I spent most of my money on parts and almost all my time trying to fix it up.

While it might not look that great to you now it was quite impressive back in the 80’s. I loved the leather interior, dual weber racing carbs, smooth 5 speed manual transmission and excellent handling. Somehow it got a hold of my heart and got in my way of my relationship with God – it had become an idol in my life. I’m not sure if God had anything to do with it or if it was just because it was a temperamental Italian car that I was driving hard but it kept needing repairs and I ended up selling it for racing parts. It was a fun car and I would love to have another like it but this time I would make sure that it doesn’t become an idol.

So much potential – so fun to drive

Chris Teien with Alfa Romeo in 1987

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