Table of Bible Books, Chapters, and Verse Counts

I found this database table that shows how many verses are in each chapter of the Bible as I was looking for a resource to help make a custom Bible reading Plan for our church. Very helpful!

C2IT Consulting, Inc.

It’s tough to find a nice, usable database table with the number of chapters in each book and the number of verses in each chapter. I need this for a project I’m going to be building soon to loop through this data, and I thought I’d share it here now that I’ve got it set up. You should be able to copy / paste this table directly into Excel, Access, or your database system. I’m sorry about books over 61 chapters; I couldn’t get them pasted in here correctly.

BOOK CH1 CH2 CH3 CH4 CH5 CH6 CH7 CH8 CH9 CH10 CH11 CH12 CH13 CH14 CH15 CH16 CH17 CH18 CH19 CH20 CH21 CH22 CH23 CH24 CH25 CH26 CH27 CH28 CH29 CH30 CH31 CH32 CH33 CH34 CH35 CH36 CH37 CH38 CH39 CH40 CH41 CH42 CH43 CH44 CH45 CH46 CH47 CH48 CH49 CH50 CH51 CH52 CH53 CH54 CH55 CH56 CH57 CH58 CH59 CH60

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One thought on “Table of Bible Books, Chapters, and Verse Counts”

  1. Glad you found our table useful Chris! How your reading plan comes together great! I have other resources for these as well. Let me know if you want any more input!


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